Monday, April 7, 2014

Mr. Utopia Preliminary Round + My 1st Totomomo Underwear Review: ManView Jockstrap

Hello everyone, I know I have not been very active lately again on my blogging but I am here again! =)
Well, I got into the preliminary round of Mr. Utopia contest but I didn't got into the Final Round which I was partially expected because of my lack of stage presence and confidence and also being the thinnest guy among the contestants. So, because I didn't plan and expect to win, I just plan to enjoy the show and have fun doing something silly. There's a round where you need to do what is your dream/ ambition is which you need to wear an outfit or costume which present your dream/ ambition. And I decided to just entertain the gay bar as I thought Utopia bar is gay and so does the contest. I brought the S&M leather belts and underwear but I wore a black jeans pants as I still worry about being too revealing if the contest judges and organiser didn't plan to go that far and I also worry that I will be treated as being a slut or b**ch hahaha. But I know at least I can get your attention.  

All the contestants arrived early before the night starts and had rehearsals a few times to calm us down to be less nervous when the actual contest starts. I was happy to have the chance to make new friends and know more people in the contest and I was lucky enough to have friends to fetch me to the contest. But still, maybe I was too nervous or the backstage is too dark and I got bad memory. I can't find my wallet after I changed my clothes to get ready for second part of the show and that turned my mood down from high and happy. And so the third part of the show, my heart is just wanted to quickly finish the night and go make my police report and sleep. I was so emotional because all I remember the third part of the show is to strip off your shirt and pose and I got no full stage presence as I did the posing fast and runway walk fast too. Plus, there's crowd screaming much for me either, I was sad.

I was kinda too emo that the next morning I cried as I felt, no one really liked me on that night contest. I mean I know I won't win, but couldn't we at least just pretend we enjoy the night? HAHAHA how delusional I was back then. And I had a song playing in my head which is "Lies" by Marina and the Diamonds. But then, my partner decided to bring me go temple pray for the lost of wallet as a sign of bad luck. Right before that, I found my wallet! after I canceled all my atm cards and made a police report and checked my bag 3 times. But the following day after the contest, I found my wallet in my bag! And things got lighten up, and I feel happy back again because the wallet is more important than the contest I joined although I lost, but its not my first time being rejected as my journey to success will falls numbers of falling which I believed.