Tuesday, June 21, 2016


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Friday, January 8, 2016

Model for nude photography is also just a job

特别优秀的模特儿就能容易找到正当模特儿时尚的工作,世界这么大,有多少人有一样梦想但就是不是那位特出的。当人每次问我为什么要拍一些性感照,有生理反应的照片。我只是想说我自己已经澄清很多次了,要以模特儿为工作的一部分为生活,一半是兴趣,一半就是要肯接比一般模特儿不可能接的工作,裸照可以是艺术照,也可以是商业化,现实社会要看的。如果我永远都等着时尚品牌找我,我可能永远都没机会做模特儿的经验。为什么要问我“当天摄影师如果是同志拍你全裸,你不怕吗?他不是赚到了?“ “ 如果你当天拍摄有生理反应真么办?”我只想说这是一份工作,就像演员把自己的本分做好呈现出他们要的照片,是艺术也好不是也好,是一份工作,一份专业,就是呈现出照片里的一种幻想,一种意境,一个讯息。有没有生理反应,也是要继续把拍摄拍完。我接全裸拍摄工作是因为没有很多人敢接,那就是我的机会来做别人不做的,不容易但那就是我。被问的我是会觉得,一,你没看过我己经回答过类似问题;二,我会觉得尴尬当你把拍摄过程充满幻想,也让我觉得不被尊敬的感觉。也许你是要问我是否喜欢拍摄裸照或性感照,我只能说现在的我习惯了,但我还是会小心得选拍摄主题和概念还有可靠的摄影师。我的不好经验我不想说不代表我是随便的人。

Specially unique models are easy to get proper modelling fashion editorial jobs in this big world where many have the same dream to be the successful model. Every time people asked me "Why I want to take these sexy photos such as underwear or nude photos or with bulge seen?" "If the photographer is gay and photograph you nude, he is so lucky and "earned" so much" or "what if during the photoshoot and you have an erection?". I have declared a few times about why before. Being a model is not just passion on what you like to do, people choose you more than you choose what job you want if they find you're not suitable. To create or to have my own model experience, I chose to take jobs or model for some photoshoot that not all models willing to do, in order to survive, in order to be outstanding or show I can do more than just fashion, editorial. Doing nude photoshoot or sexy photoshoot is just another modelling job, either is artistic or commercialised. It's a job, a profession, is like acting to deliver the picture that the photographer or client wants. Is business, sex-appeal. Whenever I am being asked, I felt, first, I have talked about it here or at my blog before. Second, I don't feel comfortable when your questions seems like giving yourself a fantasy of the photoshoot behind the scene, I felt not respected in some ways. Maybe you want to ask mainly is am I enjoying myself taking sexy or nude photos? right now I can only say I already used to it, but it doesn't mean I am simply person. I still choose photoshoot based on the concept, the idea/ theme, the purpose. And also choosing trustable photographer. I have bad experiences that I don't want to tell doesn't mean I am simply person and I don't want being treated like I am a playboy or slut just because I do nude photography. A slut or play boy doesn't need to be photographed to begin with.