Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Stylin' by Azuki Bean a.k.a. Jeremy Teh

As you all might have seen my previous photoshoots are mostly topless or sexy theme revealing much of my skin, but this time consider very first time I got to wear more clothes and looking fashionably editorial with a great makeover by fashion stylist, who is new and exploring, funny character, Azuki Bean also known as Jeremy Teh. Its our second time work together, he is very determined, dedicated to doing what he loves which is styling and fashion. We do always have some different opinions when working as a team but I think that having different opinions or discussion or arguments in working a project able to make better amendment, enhancement improving the idea together which could never go wrong, as long as communicating right in delivering the message.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Antler Man

Finally, after so many days of not updating my blog. I've been busy being a photographer and photo touch up artist on my travelling photos lately and got featured in one of the travel magazine's exhibition at One Utama, The Ledge Gallery which was held on 26th August 2013 till 1st September 2013.
Anyway, this photoshoot I did with stylist, Azuki Bean a.k.a. Jeremy Teh and photographed by my friend, Shahin a.k.a Sean was eventually one of my dream photoshoot to try on, so we were just doing this project for self interest but also for portfolio and art/costume/antler lovers or you can say is my passion into doing such. I was happy to have my friend to help out for being the photographer for me as he was busy working.