Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Life can be so shabby, flickery, fragile. Life is a mystery

Bruce Jenner can be transgender, my mother can be gone at my teenage time, his first lover gone in a car accident, my friend's love relationship can suddenly torn apart; my another friend recently just passed away. Life seems nothing is impossible to happen. When you're so busy with your things and the next second you know your friend just passed away.

Although we aren't close friends or even have the chance to really know each other, we always see each other like neighbours as we stay in a same condominium. You're a art/ graphic design student, you're younger than me and you just completed your final year project. And now, you're gone. I am not sure how to react when I just found out the news few minutes ago. I don't feel I should say I am terribly sad or upset knowing you're gone because we're not close good buddies, but I don't feel I can just continue enjoy doing what I am going to do next minute.

I am upset because he is such a young person with talent to left the world so soon. I somehow realised I haven't really know all my friends and suddenly one friend that stay so near my place and he is gone. Its a sense of regret from me. I just remember we had a silly disagreement on a topic of stray cats at our condominium, he hates that because he felt dirty have stray cats and all the food given by people on the ground. I just said remember I disagree to hate the stray cats or chase them away just because of the food issue.

Somehow I felt I am lucky although I am poor and not successful but I get to do what I dreamed, thought or planned to do. Life is a maze of finding a puzzle that solve a picture of mystery. R.I.P , my friend, may you come back in next life continue your dream. Bless you. Angels will guide you home.

Although anything can happened without our control, but health is something important that we can control, healthy diet, healthy exercise and healthy lifestyle is important to keep yourself living for your dreams. Keep that in mind.