Monday, June 30, 2014

My Experience in Pink Dot 2014

I am not sure where to write or how to start but I want to make it short if possible but its more than one sentence i can describe my this year experience at Pink Dot Sg. At first, I am Malaysian and its not being approved to have such event here as public event to create awareness and support and acceptance. And there's always a mixed feeling when attend our neighbour country Pink Dot event. I felt happy to have so much love from the people who wear pink shirt , gathering here and support the freedom to love. This year, I was told there will be group of people wearing white to protest or against LGBT or Pink Dot event, I was initially worried. Plus, on my way to Hong Lim Park for Pink Dot event, I saw one family on the street, one look like the mum, and one daughter and one uncle.

I not really know what's the whole scene is about but I just heard the mum asked and nagged, " why you always make your own decision without our approval? why you so stubborn?" the little girl I think she is about 10-13  years old I not sure and she dressed in pink tee where as mom wore white collar shirt.  The little girl was a little scare and afraid to answer once her mum asked. It was just a few blocks away from Hong Lim Park, near the hotel I stayed. I maybe thinking too much about the pink and white shirts. But if  what I heard is true and the whole scene i saw is about Pink Dot. Then I was not really prepare for the people who against it. Because I also heard to invite the people who wore white to participate Pink Dot, to let them understand what is Pink Dot.