Friday, July 5, 2013

My Body language, my face features and my imperfections are my identity.

Well, after I have done a few similar kinds of photoshoot, the handsome, the pretty or the cute, funny, sexy, cool and hot photos, the conceptual and emotive. I think its time to work with Mei Fern again for another conceptual emotive black and white photos. This time I'm going to be taken photos rawly with photo touch ups or makeup on face. So will be the raw imperfect me as I have blemish on face. But to comfort myself and its kind of true also that my imperfections are also my identity to define and distinguish me from other people. Although I do wish my skin can get better one day. =) But this photoshoot is not mainly capturing my face but also my body structure, my bone structure and my body language.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Ade/ Adrian Wong Wolf Boy

 I personally thank Adrian Wong for transforming me into something different than the usual me being seen on the other photos from make up to hairstyle and photos. Do hope we get to work together again in future.

Trip to Singapore: Photoshoots+ Pink Dot

Its my third time going to Pink Dot event as a foreigner to support the freedom to love.  My partner and I at first were just wanting to support the event and experience the crowd which filled with big big hearts from everyone. But after the first time we went, it became something that we always attend to show our supports annually like our honey moon. This time is same like last year but just gotten more people and I decided to do something more different which is to hug stranger who offer free hugs. I hugged two girls and I feel they are brave having a big heart to give love to the people in Pink Dot.

When I saw the Singapore flag hung by the helicopters and flew by Hong Lim Park field, my mind is saying I'm kind of sad or disappointed that Malaysia can't able to do this or accept such event and gone big issue talking about religions not accepting LGBT people. I felt Malaysia will have a long way to go before can reach the same standard or culture with Singapore. I felt the difference in terms of education, maturity and civilisation.

Anyway, my partner and I went there for 4 days and we caught up with his friends working in Singapore and tasted some food from certain restaurants which not in Malaysia yet such as Skinny Pizza and Tsukada Nojo ( collagen chicken soup).

This is the Skinny Pizza, its crispy and crunchy as it is thin pizza. We've ordered the Wild Truffled Mushroom pizza and another is Bolognese with Mozzarella. We had side dishes which are Sweet Potato Nibblets,  One quarter metre Long Sausage, and Seared Brie Cheese.

I didn't get to try more food because I was still conscious about food as I was having two photoshoots on separate days. Its my very first time went to Singapore for photoshoot and work together with Singaporeans which I enjoyed as they are friendly and serious at work at the same time. I had fun working with them.

This is the first photoshoot I had with Adrian Wong who knows makeup and hairstyle. So he is a photographer, MUA and a hairstylist. One-leg kick talented man. This is the makeup he put on my face with fake eyelashes, thick eyebrows, perfect looking skin and nice hairstyle. And I have think how to pose or express my facial expression without looking feminine as I had my fake eyelashes. Its a new challenge to me. The second photoshoot wasn't allow to have any photos taken during the shoot.

This also my first time to agreed photographed nude photos from photographer who I have never work with at all. I still remain not wanting showing my frontal in the full nude artsy photos. So, they will be covered with my legs or hands or just showing my back. I still do not prefer to have my genitals shown to public.

Well, as some of you might wonder just like me when I'm not ready to be nude about reason why nude. But after hearing the explanation and experience, I understand that to begin with nude, you have faced the biggest fear of yourself in modelling industry. When you've faced the greatest fear of being nude, you will naturally fear less or nothing when you trying to pose from wearing nothing to wearing something. It will just somehow make you forget about the worries on trying to pose best and cover something. But of course, do not simply nude for photographer, but with trusted photographer and don't nude for the wrong purposes. There's fine line between pornography and artistic / fashion and others.

I will post the photos on the next post. Hope you guys enjoy =)