Sunday, January 18, 2015

Is being a full time freelancer or set up own solo business nice?

Again, I have been so inactive for my blog. I am currently sick at home, body temperature was at borderline to fever temperature which was 37.5 degree Celsius if not mistaken from yesterday checkup by doctor at clinic.

With currency of RM getting smaller nowadays and petrol pricing drop, economic wasn't stable, GST, etc etc, many people have their preference of staying as employee under a company to make a stable living. At the same time, many companies are tightening budget of finance, cutting down the number or employees and giving bigger job scopes to every employee such as multi-tasking. Thus, at the same time more people who lost their jobs will try to set up own business to make a living, starting their dreams and hopes or just want to make an end meets.

Whereas for me, whenever I self introduce myself as freelance in graphic design, photography, model and gym trainer. Their first reactions were they are shocked by how many things I do or asking me why I want to do such and not work under a company for experience first. And when I say I work from home and I get to be flexible with time to do things I want. They may imagine it is nice.

Well, what they think or said aren't exactly false or true. But every job we do have its ups and downs. For example, I may have flexible working hours or able to have take time more smoothly or relax without too much stress. Unfortunately, if I don't make sure everyday I able to make a productive or progress day, I won't be able to make enough money to make one end meets. The keyword is discipline and focus. Overly discipline or focus, or overly slack or distracted by bad habits will make yourself suffer of imbalance lifestyle without sufficient rest or sufficient production at the end of the day.

Like me, working alone at an empty space by myself whole day without distraction also could get me into boredom or lose focus or sleepy.  So, I used to play some song lists or some long list of short videos to keep myself awake but aren't fully actually paying attentions to them while I working on my works because I need some noise to keep myself occupied in a empty space. Facebook-ing or Google-ing could somehow distracted myself from working but at the same time Facebook is my source of networking and Google is my source finder.

To make a productive day everyday, I could led myself working late night or just sitting in front of laptop whole day to produce some little progress and also my relaxing time with internet. But this isn't a healthy lifestyle without taking good care of your food intake or take yourself a day out for some activities keep up with friends or exercise outdoor get some sunlights.  Which led me here today feeling sick after few continuous days of sleeping late, immune system went down and I don't even really know I am getting heaty for my body or catch a cold. Right now, I am just sick with swollen left throat, that effects my left ear pain as well and unable to open my mouth wide. Today is day 4 of my sickness, looking more pale than I already was, my left side of teeth feeling numb like you had eating overly spicy food without drinking  enough water, and a little headache, from left throat till left jawline already not as swelling as before but still feel a little pain when pressing them or swallowing anything. My mouth will keep having saliva or phlegm no matter how many times I swallow them or spit them out. Feeling mild fever. but last two I still work from home but also did rest more except yesterday I slept at 12 am. So, I guess that's why I feeling not getting great recovery. During sleeping nights, I often get up from bed to clear saliva or phlegm from my mouth and throat. These few weeks I was busy with my own short comic characters as I was planning to reintroduce them and gathering some awareness before I sell my graphic t-shirt of my cartoon characters.

Soon I maybe no longer working gym trainer because of low demand for some reasons customers are either too occupied or some felt my workout are too tiring for them for achieving their goals. I no longer full time doing graphic design or photography as I am just focus doing my e-photobook and my comic and graphic tees for now. Because graphic designer industry nowadays everyone just looking for cheap, fast, great or free, fast, great which making me less passionate to get a hold of everything.