Thursday, March 14, 2013

Acting no dialogue workers in《无间行者》

Its my very first time participated in drama series production team for finding some side income. I have no idea what was I going to act as till the day came which is yesterday. I was only informed I act as a worker. Then only found out I need to act as a drugs analyst worker/maker. We shot the whole day as we reach the location which is at Jalan Maharajalela since 7am till 10.43pm. But mostly have some scenes we need to wait our turn to come.

In the room we shoot as science laboratory for making drugs is the most hottest, humid, stuffy place we shot. When we just started the first scene to shoot, the friends I just met on that day who are acting the same role with me, we all were immediately sweating like raining. I was the worst one, I remember we all were wearing the doctor's coat and the mask cover the mouth and shower head wear. I was sweating till my mask can fill up some sweat liquid in it.

At that time everyone who acting in that place also sweat including the main actor and actress which is Aenie Wong and Adrian Chan. Of course there will be difference treatment between main actor and actress with us who is just a sub actor with no dialogue. They have assistants who helped me wipe sweat and on mini fan to keep them refreshing from time to time. But they are very nice people as well when they saw me sweating very badly, they also ask their assistant to give tissue to me.

Overall, I had a nice experience to been through the production process and understand the bitterness of them having hard time to get what the director's want for scenes and remembering the lines and be into the story's environment and act seriously to save time without too many NGs.

The workers behind the camera also having long time working with the actors and directors such as the camera men and the sound recorders, order and bring meals to everyone, etc.

But during the waiting time, I didn't take this chance to take photos with any actors or actress because I feel I need to keep a respect distant to them although they are friendly but because I personally not very often watch TV or drama series, so I not very know them well, so I feel a bit embarrassing to ask take photos with them.

But overall, I appreciate I get a chance to work closely with the actor and actress given by the director's assistant. Although the payment is not high but is reasonable for actors with no dialogue and had a different experience to me.