Monday, April 8, 2013

Pastel Love Theme

 Pastel colour fashion trend may have been outdated in certain countries, but I still very love the colour palette and the pastel fashion trend. So, I decided to do this idea by myself. But I do think very long time of whether want to try pink hair because I know it will be not allowed or complained by my parent if I dyed this hair permanently. So I ended up dyed my hair light brown and then use pink chalk to temporary colour my hair pink for this photo shoot. But I wouldn't able to do this without my partner's help and friends' supports and courages.

I colour my hair with pink chalk while my hair is wet and then blow dry my hair. It becomes chalky and stiff hair. So its not suitable to even style my hair with wax or anything else except hair spray. Thus, when doing blow dry the hair, I have blow my hair close to the shape I want.
I decided to hand sew a faded blue soft jeans bow tie to match my pink formal collar long sleeve shirt and matched with a purple slim fit denim pants.

The Guy Next Door / Party Boy

Self portrait photos with party theme cute and sexy theme as there are people feel I more suitable to try cute photo theme than just sexy and cool theme.  And I hope this can show the more fun, party, cute  or boyish side of me.

Second time photoshoot by Jason Oung

 Its my second time working with Jason Oung. This time we have become more communication and less gap between us. Thus, this time easier and more daring to pose infront of the camera without camera shy. But this time we photographed two different days. One is having my long hair and one is have cut shorter. This time we tried some like fashion photoshoot with bath tub and some is more like underwear model photoshoot.

Overall I do notice my body have became thinner or still the same or less muscular due to recently less consistent body workout routine and more on doing freelance graphic design works and photos editing.