Sunday, January 19, 2014

Update on life and workout.

After entering the second month of my probation job as creative marketing, I started to get use of certain routine or a kind of lifestyle I am living for now. Trying to wake up on time to prepare own breakfast, shower, dress up, walk to train station, getting little sweaty and catch the train and bus on time to office for work before 9 a.m.. I have felt the goods and bads of taking train everyday, observe every one of us as human beings on train doing some selfish and some kind actions happening in train.

I have watched people trying to squeeze into the train no matter how full the train has been already filled, showing how selfish are we just so that we can go to work on time and we throw away our shame and face, being bold and forgotten what is the human/moral values. I have seen some people giving way and seats to the needy ones. I have seen a blind man with one eye heavily infected and eye popping out and trying to find his way to make the right call with his mobile phone. I have seen the rich and the poor taking the same train. In short, taking public transport make me and you see the daily lives of the people putting together with contrast, which i think is special of how life surrounds me or us with things like such to remind us something or make me learn from observation of things in life.

Other than working the usual weekdays and getting all dry up by squeezing creative juice and losing my inspiration to create, my desire of wanting to earn more pocket money at my current state, made me continue wanting to find some part time modelling photo shoot and also thinking to sell my next e-photobook. Well, its not all just about the money. Its also something i enjoy doing other than my job when everything goes smooth together. =)
And now I have a deal with Totomomo site open for my fans to sponsor items from Totomomo for my next coming e-photobook which themed "Fantasy/Not Myself" which will be kinky theme and also input my personal concept about fantasy and reality to deliver a small message before browsing the fantasy images like how I did the arrangement from the first e-photobook.

I have people message me about what items can be sponsor from Totomomo or what is my limit to wear for photoshoot such as cock ring or thongs. I will say I can wear that but I will match with another item to get it semi transparent covered or have something peekaboo.

This is my first e-photobook and still selling. To buy via Paypal or more information click the link below:

or you can buy from Totomomo also:

Starting to cope back being active on my facebook page and blog and promoting and selling not many, but still some e-books, and finding sponsors and partners to work with from photographer, to props and concept, ideas, have made me busy lately and slightly lack of sleep. It has put me into doubt and questioning myself what is really best that suits me and make me happy working for, what job can make me happy and keep me going, able to keep me survive? I question myself am I capable of becoming a gym instructor and also a model?  etc etc... I started thinking about studying gym instructor course. I just only know that I enjoy doing workout and also photoshoots. Of course I still do enjoy doing painting, drawings, design and handcraft.

And I saw this article "Interview with Todd Sanfield":
and I realised, it can be done and I am not alone. But I know its going to be really tough. And Todd Sanfield prove to me you can have many dreams but only matters is how you manage it. Am I going to follow and believe on what I am doing multi tasking can achieve success? I still think twice. Not everyone have the same strength and limitation.

I have met a few facebook friends and fan that I have never met before after I have moved to this rented place, and working in KL. I felt happy and lucky for that because after the long day working at office, I get pretty tired and out of drive.

Talk about my workout lately,  I haven't got a fix workout routine weekly. I workout 2- 3 times weekly. If I doing my workout at the condo gym, I will do cycling 100 meter to warm up my body, then I do stretching hands and legs and my back. Then I will do some kicking and some hips workout and planking. Then, I only start using the machine do chest, back, legs again, and lastly abs workout. Each other body parts workout I do 3 sets, each set 10 repetitions,  except for abs workout, I will do 4 sets and each set 20 repetitions. But sometimes I want to stress my muscle more, I will add a few extra reps. I hope this answer to people who had asked me about my workout in personal message before.

I hope I can get more photographers to work with for my e-photobook or for their portfolio too. I also looking for makeup artists or stylists to work with. And I also interested to look for publisher who is willing to publish my e-photobook into hardcopy, let me know the rates and details.