Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Questions from Mr. L.M.

Hello there,

I have been very busy with my photoshoot and editing. And popping out questions such as these sometimes can be testing my patience. If I am not mistaken, I remember this guy is a person who previously talked about his interests in trying out being a model.

Okay, I want to be honest. I am not the walking Wikipedia or walking Dictionary. My answers are not applicable international, all kinds situations. Life is about self exploring, an adventure. Sometimes, learning to observe and discover by self help. During my time, the only source I know about modelling is through photography, TV modelling shows like ANTM. and also from my sister who was a freelance model. Thus, I found out Model Mayhem website is a place for models and photographers and other relevant people such as Make Up Artist, Stylist, Hair stylist, Fashion Designers to meet other for project/ work purposes only  or for building your own portfolio/profile.

Everyone has different hair quality individually, some people have thick hair or rough hair, dry hair thin hair, soft hair. Different hair use different products. So, don't ask me because I am not a professional hair consultant or stylist or a barber. If you want accurate informative facts on what hair product to use, Google or ask advise from barber shop. Your question on where I get the Shurei hair wax, it was given by sibling and it isn't suitable for me. I use Gatsby wax and some other brands hair spray I got from barber shop or hair products shops.

At the moment, I do not take any protein supplements because I have finished my protein supplements. As I have said before to other people that protein is not necessarily have to be taken from supplements but can be daily food we eat such as meat, vegetables and eggs. I have posted photos of what vegetables can get high protein. Other than that, the common food to get protein is milk, eggs, fish, seafood and other meats. for more information you can Google, Youtube, wiki about it or just find my Facebook page with an album featuring info:

Do I go full body waxing for modelling? Its a subjective question! if the photographer need you to be completely no body hair for photoshoot, then you should do it. So, the answer is depends on project basis, what kind of project or work you got, then you perform or deliver what they want! I don't have much body hair except private part and armpits and moustache. I trim them when it is need to be trimmed or shaved clean for the photoshoot. Thus, ask the photographer or the person who in charge the project what they want you to deliver or perform.

My opinion about Bird Cabin? you further asked on quality of Bird Cabin products. Bird Cabin is a male underwear online store where they selling different brands of underwear such as Pink Hero, JQK, Quarter Homme etc etc. It depends on where is the products they got it from and what brands. So, I can't answer your question. If you are asking about Bird Cabin services quality, it is good, They deliver the products on time and they will early inform you whenever they is any new products selling in their store and if there is any closing delivery date before certain public holidays.

I hope my answers help you out and don't forget it. If you really like to ask me more things, maybe you should support me by telling me to do live YouNow broadcasting more and ask questions there!

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