Friday, February 8, 2013

Manip Mania Photography (Exposed/ Nude Content)

Finally at least have some photos to update, this is combination of 2 different days photoshoot as he told me my first photoshoot have a lot of postures hiding my hands behind.
The photographer, Manip Mania or you can called him Fikri is learning to do photography and fashion by himself as independent as he could be. This point is pretty much me except we working on different fields and I know how the bitterness taste for trying to survive in this reality life.
It was my first time being full nude eventually but I wasn't being told before I came to the photoshoot that I will be full nude. I thought it would be just half nude. But well, its a different experience and challenge for me to naked infront of the camera and have confident and still remain professional as model. I think I won't do another naked shoot next time, because really cross my boundaries, the most I can accept must have something to cover my genitals, I don't mind expose my hips but in a artistic conceptual way will be better than giving people too much sex appeal.

All these photos were taken in his own sewing room which is also his bedroom and also his studio room. What a space saving multifunctional room, he amazed me with how thoughtful he was trying to make his dreams become achievable by making the dreams living with him everyday although is not yet a great success as we all always pictured ourselves with our big dreams achieved with our own big working space or workshop. But at least he is making what his dream job living with him daily as a stepping stone to get closer to his dream.

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