Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Stylin' by Azuki Bean a.k.a. Jeremy Teh

As you all might have seen my previous photoshoots are mostly topless or sexy theme revealing much of my skin, but this time consider very first time I got to wear more clothes and looking fashionably editorial with a great makeover by fashion stylist, who is new and exploring, funny character, Azuki Bean also known as Jeremy Teh. Its our second time work together, he is very determined, dedicated to doing what he loves which is styling and fashion. We do always have some different opinions when working as a team but I think that having different opinions or discussion or arguments in working a project able to make better amendment, enhancement improving the idea together which could never go wrong, as long as communicating right in delivering the message.

We started with this first formal, classy look with a thin sleek tie and well fitting top and short pants with the special button up at the waist. I actually was wearing a gold dice shaped ring, but we didn't get some close up shots on this one.

This is one of my favourite styles throughout this shooting and applause to him because I didn't know I can match like this and looking amazing colourful but I don't know where I will wear this to, must not be hot weather outdoor event. I sweats easily and ironically I can't stand cold weather either.

The third look is something young, casual simple but yet colourful bright and outstandingly loud. I know my eyes were looking too far away and making my iris/pupil almost too little to be seen, my mistake. =(

 Another casual but outdoor relaxing, picnic looking style. Kind of like going to grass field putting a kite and looking sunny, bubbly active young guy.

 Second last look which kind of street wear looking or going out at night but still looking fashionable with the flowery patterns. And I didn't expect I look good in this flowery shirt, I thought I might not pull off this look because I feel I'm not masculine looking enough.

Lastly, a summer beach wear look with swagger looking glasses and a hat matching the sporty jersey jacket. Flaunting my body but my skinny legs. Azuki Bean did put some makeup on my abs to look more defined. Hahaha. 

Hope you all enjoy the photos and have a good day. 

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