Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Antler Man

Finally, after so many days of not updating my blog. I've been busy being a photographer and photo touch up artist on my travelling photos lately and got featured in one of the travel magazine's exhibition at One Utama, The Ledge Gallery which was held on 26th August 2013 till 1st September 2013.
Anyway, this photoshoot I did with stylist, Azuki Bean a.k.a. Jeremy Teh and photographed by my friend, Shahin a.k.a Sean was eventually one of my dream photoshoot to try on, so we were just doing this project for self interest but also for portfolio and art/costume/antler lovers or you can say is my passion into doing such. I was happy to have my friend to help out for being the photographer for me as he was busy working.

Because of that reason, I decided to edit the photos by myself in the end as I am just that eager to want get the photos done before another month goes by. Its was a little tiring  and tedious job for me to do the heavy editing to get what the stylist and I want as we discussed before. Sean also did add some flavours in the art direction and things he wanted to try on the photoshoot such as making a photo having clones of me in one picture and holding an apple. 

We woke up very early in the morning to gather ourselves together around 8. 30 a.m. as we all staying far apart from each other and Azuki started doing his makeup and styling on me.  Then we started the photoshoot quite late around 10.30am or 11a.m. In the end we all were satisfied that we got some good shots.

Azuki also explained on the concept of his styling/ dressing me. 
He said,

" Model is a slim fit body type. So, I chose to use sleeveless vest to give the V-shape body look. Colours I chose are recently in trend colours which are black and white. The scarf with Autumn leaves pattern print is used to add a feel of Autumn season. I choose a different colour palette for left shoulder pad which is blue colour which is the tone of the soldier uniform kind. So that, the overall look will have an extra detail and will not be too plain. And it also give the model a look of meek/gentle Sika deer but at the same time have a despot/ruler kind of feel."

I hope you guys enjoy the photos, and thanks for viewing them. Do feel free to comment! Appreciated.

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