Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Raw N 2014 e-Photobook

Raw N 2014 e-Photobook

Raw N 2014 e-Photobook with the title called "Raw N" which stands for Raw Nude which means this e-photobook is a special edition and is a plain edition without too much props or costume or dramatic themes. This e-photobook contains some artistic nude or emotional artistic nude photos & some just plain commercialised sex-appeal photos. This e-photobook edition will also have collect 10% from the sale of each e-photobook donated to HIV or AIDs relevant organisation as charity because I feel I should do something valuable & meaningful upon the demand by certain customers requested for full nude e-photobook. And because I have seen some HIV people who is also very talented. Thus, I hope I can get some donation from this e-photobook to provide small financial help to them.

PDF file format
154 pages include front & back covers
File size 270MB
RM 43.80
Featuring photographers & hair stylist: Keith Zhang, James Chang, Jason Oung, Manip Mania, Simon Latimer.

Here's a link to have a glimpse of some pages of the e-Photobook:

*PDF file download link will be sent via WeTransfer according to the given email address by the customer. 
*This e-photobook photos contain certain raw photos, certain light retouching photos and some heavy editing photos. This e-photobook theme mainly simple, plain, no dramatic makeup or clothes, just a pair of jeans, plain t-shirt & underwear.

*This e-photobook only available to buyers or viewers who are age 18 and above. You have been warned & notified that this e-photobook contains nudity photos. We are not responsible to issues regarding to buyers or viewers who is below age 18.

Buying and viewing the e-photobook means you are understand, know the content of this e-photobook and agreed that you are age equal or above 18 and you have been warned.

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