Tuesday, February 10, 2015


“如果不是朋友,理你都傻” "If we aren't friend, caring you is stupid."
I dunno does this sounds anyway a kind of comfort or hurtful whenever I think of it.
Does that means if we're not friends, I am someone not talented enough, not outstanding enough, special, great what so ever to make you feel you would bother to care/ or bother hire me for any job task/s

And whenever I said i am freelance worker or 自由业者,working on modelling, photo editing and graphic designs works at home, some people tend to think I am very free or people will say, can that even make money, or am I just lazy at home waiting someone feed me etc. I feel I am really working on something I like, just that something I like may not be instantly have fixed stable income. And I feel if you like saying I am doing nothing or making anything for living, do you even ever bother support or see what i have done or doing? I have tried many things, the general things and not so general things and do you even bother to know or support than saying mean stuff?some people only say I adore you being so talented doing so many things, that's all. And ask to learn my skills and saying the things i produce with my skills are not affordable and other critiques.

I still remember one of the interviewer commented that since I did blogging and facebook page & stuff, i should just be a blogger, and say the graphic designers here usually work overtime, there is not 9-6 jobs, I remember i went to gym instructor job interview and he said, is based on shifts and sometimes maybe you need to work on other hours and give example as 3 or 5 am train a customer.
I don't do freelance personal trainer anymore, because there is low demand and gym membership fees is not worthy if training few people, people judge trainer by their body shapes but do you ever know not everyone of them living a healthy life style if what the interviewer told me is true or he is just trying to scare people.

I feel, I just want a normal healthy life, get to off work not at night or later, and get to exercise, and also do own things and spend time with family or friends with stable sufficient income. Now? everywhere jobs requires multitasks, or combination of two job scopes.Then saying our ringgit getting smaller, GST coming, our economy not doing good because our petrol price gone down as our country mainly produce petrol.  And yet some people like to say mean things and I don't even know how to be idealistic or just be realistic.

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