Friday, July 5, 2013

My Body language, my face features and my imperfections are my identity.

Well, after I have done a few similar kinds of photoshoot, the handsome, the pretty or the cute, funny, sexy, cool and hot photos, the conceptual and emotive. I think its time to work with Mei Fern again for another conceptual emotive black and white photos. This time I'm going to be taken photos rawly with photo touch ups or makeup on face. So will be the raw imperfect me as I have blemish on face. But to comfort myself and its kind of true also that my imperfections are also my identity to define and distinguish me from other people. Although I do wish my skin can get better one day. =) But this photoshoot is not mainly capturing my face but also my body structure, my bone structure and my body language.

I call this album Me, Myself and I. Real raw me.

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