Monday, June 30, 2014

My Experience in Pink Dot 2014

I am not sure where to write or how to start but I want to make it short if possible but its more than one sentence i can describe my this year experience at Pink Dot Sg. At first, I am Malaysian and its not being approved to have such event here as public event to create awareness and support and acceptance. And there's always a mixed feeling when attend our neighbour country Pink Dot event. I felt happy to have so much love from the people who wear pink shirt , gathering here and support the freedom to love. This year, I was told there will be group of people wearing white to protest or against LGBT or Pink Dot event, I was initially worried. Plus, on my way to Hong Lim Park for Pink Dot event, I saw one family on the street, one look like the mum, and one daughter and one uncle.

I not really know what's the whole scene is about but I just heard the mum asked and nagged, " why you always make your own decision without our approval? why you so stubborn?" the little girl I think she is about 10-13  years old I not sure and she dressed in pink tee where as mom wore white collar shirt.  The little girl was a little scare and afraid to answer once her mum asked. It was just a few blocks away from Hong Lim Park, near the hotel I stayed. I maybe thinking too much about the pink and white shirts. But if  what I heard is true and the whole scene i saw is about Pink Dot. Then I was not really prepare for the people who against it. Because I also heard to invite the people who wore white to participate Pink Dot, to let them understand what is Pink Dot.
the link above is about the Pink Dot news and also people who against it such as the video below shown which is 18 percent of  Singaporeans.

This year Pink Dot is my bf and I fourth time going together. We go every year since our relationship started, not only treat it like an anniversary thing to us, also annually attend to support the freedom to love. Some of our friends not going anymore because they felt every year is the same. Of course is the same because is a annually campaign to remind and creating awareness to wider and wider audience about the freedom to love, the equality, and our supports to make a  better change in the society and culture. And I always feel happy to there for the event except I am foreigner in Singapore. I felt Malaysia in the middle of Thailand and Singapore. We always not changing and more accepting or open to the existence and acceptance of LGBT community and we are the minorities which is not our choice to choose who to love just the same as you didn't decide to love the opposite sex, its naturally happens.

Instead, I think is knowledge is our freedom to choose how we think towards the existing facts which can be change, change the way we think in a positive way to accept, digest, understand and agree to the existence of different people living among us.

Different people living together only can create great wonderful things and moving forward than being stagnant.

Anyhow, I felt last year Pink Dot event was somehow nicer than this year I attended. I am not sure why but I think maybe is because of the choices of the songs played on the concert? I think that's all I am going to say about Pink Dot 2014. Other than that, it gets more crowded and merrier each year =). There are community tent where different relevant projects have their booths there, giving away water, pink lights, flowers and pink tattoos. They have their first aid there as well in case you feeling unwell. I enjoyed it and get to meet my friends there as well supporting the same cause. Its nice to see that.

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