Saturday, July 5, 2014

What is beauty? what is sexy? human nature and religious?

Recent local Facebook news about famous fb stars on someone convert religion and wear Hijab and Red People star look super handsome but a MV reveals his body size. Its kind of alerts me I have to be aware and reminded me, famous is a temporary thing, what comes around goes around, what comes up must goes down. Thats why I from time to time shows photos of real me with inconsistent pimples, my sexuality.

I just want you all to know we aren't plastic, we can't be consistently porcelain skin and perfect body and perfect dressing with perfect behaviour or attitude and consistent belief. What are we to judge people's marriage and measure people's true love. I know some people out there dislike me for being so "open" or too skin revealing, sexy in photos and told me I am ugly too. I am sorry to any parents or religious people for my page existence. I know my responsibility, education is important and society sometimes can be ugly.

“To all the girls that think you’re fat because you’re not a size zero, you’re the beautiful one, its society who’s ugly.” - Marilyn Monroe.

She is right about the definition of beauty being distorted by society. But I have to say healthily beautiful is still important, and being overweight is really not that good still from a health perspective.

I know what I do on photos can be somewhat sexy, naughty, kinky or bad boy or crazy. But I want to say that's part who I am or who the inner me but I do not encourage anyone to be like me. Nice to see but it ain't not just fun and play. It is just visual entertainment which may trigger your desire. At the same time its my achievement of my body workout which I personally felt its nice to show and inspire people. I am from advertising design field, and I like drawing since young. It just like when I draw something nice, then I have to show and share to other people. If not, what am I drawing for? It must have a message to deliver through a medium to a certain audience.  More importantly is as long as I know what I am doing and not involve into wrong direction like my partner told me, as long as you know what you are doing and not simply going out there play sex or raw sex with people like a jerk, not loving yourself, not taking care of yourself. Meaning I am just doing what I like doing on a visual medium, a canvas and not ended up like a FOC whore looking for fun without thinking. Which I do not wish my fans are like that too.  Boys will be boys, but you can just watch porn or something and just jerk and end. Or do safe sex and always make things clear with who you wanna involve without lies. We all were silly humans and we all grown in time, learn to be wise and careful. Orgasm or "ovaries explode" won't give you anything good valuable productive day for life. "Productive" I mean money, or works towards your life goal.

I sometimes treat it as art, as my passion, as who I am. Sometimes I treat it as commercial art, as in "sex sells", "sex-appeal" in advertising industry.  Its our human nature that we are attracted to beautiful things and its our hormones that attracted to "sexy-licious " thing. And at the same time, its really not anything sexy at all if you know there's how many people including children  out there get HIV or AIDs without safety awareness happening around the world.

Neither this can be sexy at all, but it deserves your attention.

This shows that humans are attracted to sexy things. I know we are attracted to more than just sexy, beautiful, creative, fun, awesome, happy things according to how many senses we have.

So, ya I am sorry to the religious conservative people out there. But I am who I am, I will still be doing what I love with knowledge. Knowledge is the important key to freedom to decide how we think, including you and me.

"Some people like it when I show my ass, and some people think it's obscene. Judgement over compassion, and fear over love, and that is obscene."  - Madonna.

Think again.

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