Sunday, July 27, 2014

Advise and basic guidelines for gaining weight correctly.

I got a message on my Facebook page and I decided to share my information here And the question is shown in the image below:

Hello, thanks for writing up to me and thanks for your complements =). I am happy to hear that. I can only share some information that I know but there are things you need to find out by yourself or by consulting doctor about your body health. First thing is about your digestion system good or bad, are your digestion absorbing well from the food you intake? or they do very easily flushed out from your body without even absorbing the nutritions from food.

Second, Is your metabolism high or low? do you get easily hungry and you eat a lot but never gain weight? usually high metabolism people tend to be thinner because their digestion is doing great or fast. If that's the problem, you can try have more meals a day such as five meals a day and you may try have supper at midnight if you usually burn midnight oil which I don't recommend people sleep too late.

Third, are you the person who chews very little before you swallow your food?  Because from what I heard and learnt from the sources i got from media. There's a saying that the food are harder to digest or absorb when people tends to chew less which also known as fast eater who tends to finish the meal quickly without at least 15-20 chewing repetitions. Eating fast also will caused you to eat more as you are not feeling full shortly.

Fourth,  how often do you go for exercise or body workout? getting a good body weight partially also rely on your exercise. In order to let your muscle grow or develop more muscle or bigger muscle, you need to exercise. So that, the food you eat will be used to develop muscles which leads to gaining weight. Exercise will also boosts up your metabolism, it will cause you easier to get hungry and tends to eat more. Exercise minimum 3 times a week regularly is good for a healthy body.

Lastly, gaining food is not just about eating more meat. A balanced diet is recommended, the amount you eat for meat need to be balanced with the amount of vegetables you eat. Balance with acid and alkali food. And gaining weight also rely on your protein and carbohydrates intake which you can get from meats and some vegetables such as beans and more. Carbohydrates provides energy for you to do exercise, taking excessive carbohydrates and not doing exercise will converts carbs into sugar which could end up becomes body fat.

I hope this provides you a basic guide to improve your body. Good luck! =)

J-son Yau

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