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What to eat perform better body workout? How to get ripped and bigger muscle?

Today I just did some research online and read a lot of articles after my customer/ student told me I have been training him too hard on cardio or warm-up which led him to no energy or strength or stamina at all to continue on weight lifting. Partially I can say is my fault on training them hard but didn't give more advice on diet or what food to eat before and after workout.

Before I share the information I found online, I did like to explain on the workout routine I shared and trained them. Firstly, I will say "share" is because I will teach what I usually do on my workout routine daily which is "warm up, stretching, body building" in one session. "Warm up" usually is cardio plus partially working on your muscle and stamina which is necessary before start up body building because you need to pump up your heart rate first in order to allow the blood flow to all over your body muscle. So that, it will help you build and develop or affect your muscle tissue more when comes to body building session such as tearing your muscle tissue or damage your muscle by lifting heavy weights.

Why needs to torn and damage your muscle tissues? In order to build bigger muscle, you are required to do that and drink or eat sufficient protein to develop  or build bigger muscle in between the damaged or torn muscle tissues.

Second, my warm up/cardio workout session is not running on treadmills or just cycling for 15 minutes which I used to do before when I first going to gym and being told by most instructors. I don't really like or agree to do it for fully 15 minutes for my body type as I belongs to thin and high metabolism and easy sweat. Running on treadmills or cycling cardio for 15 minutes will make me becomes thinner or harder to gain weight. And doing running on treadmills for too long can hurt your knee joints from your body weight impacting your joints. Its same like doing squatting improperly will cause the same effect too.

Hence, my warm up/ cardio is a group of different body parts exercises to be completed from 4 - 15 minutes based on different weeks doing different warm ups.  Which is think is a good workout for people who only do a minimum body workout or exercise 3 times a week. Plus, the reason why I put on a warm up which involves most of our body parts since we only do 3 times weekly is because what I learnt from my instructor is I used to go to gym 4 - 6 times weekly and each day I go to gym I did only cardio, body stretching and two parts of my body which is any part of my body plus abs workout. If you are able to commit yourself to body workout 4-6 times weekly, you can split the body workout evenly, more focus and less heavy on each gym session.

And me as a trainer, I always wanted my students/customers are able to exercise every body parts workout weekly because I hope they get to build muscle on every parts evenly without missing any. I also hope I am able to build their strength and stamina instead of just building a perfect body without power, or just being "muscle Mary".

So, let begin our topic. What to eat perform better workout? There's many food you can eat which contains high carbohydrates before workout which is called Pre-workout Meal. But try to choose low-glycemic carbs like oatmeal, veggies or sweet potatoes instead of simple sugars or candy to avoid wild fluctuations in your blood-sugar levels. Carbohydrates you can also get from pasta, fruits, breads, yogurt, energy bars and drinks. The most digestible carbohydrates food is banana. You can also try to eat wholemeal bread with peanut butter or peanut jam and banana slices. Protein is also the needed nutrients to avoid muscle breakdown or not growing bigger muscles. Protein before workout also gives energy to perform better workout. Fats take longer time to digest which isn't recommended to consume high fats food before workout.

When to eat before workout? Having food in the stomach is never a good idea during body workout. which may hurts your stomach, causing nausea or stomach cramping.  Better to eat food 1-4 hours before workout. The shorter time before workout, the better to eat easy and faster digestive food or liquid such as banana, glucose drink (Glucolin), energy bars, isotonic drink, coffee and many more. These will help in fuelling up before workout.

What to eat after workout? Ever seen anyone in the gym who drinks protein before and after workout? Yes. you need right amount nutrients to fuel up and also right amount of nutrients to recover your body from damaged muscles and energy. Eat high in carbs and protein food such as chicken without feeling too full and of course balanced your acidity with some veggies and healthy oil. More importantly, sufficient water to hydrate your body as well.

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What to do for building muscle and lose fat?
There's no other way of doing body building without cardio to warm up. The minimum warm up you can do is 4-8 minutes which I have given to my customers before. If you are looking for simple cardio warm up such as running or jogging, you need to start with walking pace for 4 minutes then sprint for 40 seconds then cool down back with walking pace for another 4 minutes which total up is still 8 minutes 40 seconds which I got this information from here. 

For fat burning effective and body building, early morning and evening time is the best time to do workout. Also do schedule the weight training early enough in the evening so you are allowed a minimum of 6 hours between your weight training session and bedtime if possible. And also you need to know that :

  • The liver is the strongest from 1-3 AM. This is when you should be sleeping
  • The lung is strongest at 7-9 AM. This is the best time for aerobic exercise
  • The liver is weakest at 1-5 PM, so schedule difficult work for the morning.

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And if you are really passionate and hardworking, discipline into getting ripped body on diet.
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“There’s no set time to train as everyone’s schedule is different but be sure to have a protein shake 30 to 45 minutes before each workout and another one directly afterwards,” says Lovell. “Avoid eating too much fruit, except berry fruits, which should be eaten after training. When they’re eaten at any other time the fructose they contain can combine with carbs to add body fat.”

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But for me, if you really wanna build muscle and lose fats and gain muscle, eat lean meat, high protein, balanced with colourful veggies and low fat. And try avoid lousy junk or snack food or desserts.

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