Thursday, July 31, 2014

Want to lose weight and fats quickly?

As I mentioned before and being told by people too, 70% rely on your diet and only 30% rely on your workout. Eat, sleep and your lifestyle really could affect your body shape. Want to lose weight? it starts with food. The article below is mainly focus on how to lose weight and fats.

I got this Chinese article  through my friend's sharing. Eat smaller or lesser portion, but never skip a meal or fasting.  Breakfast eat like a king, lunch eat like a queen and dinner eat like a beggar if you want to lose weight correctly and still maintain a healthy eating. When I say eat like a king, doesn't mean eat until you feel bloated but just eat sufficient amount like 80% full with high carbohydrates and fibre food like wholemeal bread, oatmeal, rolled oats with yogurt, eggs match with either a cup of milk or a  half cup of fruit juice or an apple before having breakfast. You can also try have low fat milk mixed with oats, corns and some purple sweet potato cubes.

Our body minimum calorie of food needed to burn in our stomach is around 1200 calories which is just enough to support our heart rate pumping to our body parts. Thus, skipping meals totally without eating anything is totally wrong and will cause yourself fainted before you can even really lose your targeted weight loss. You may eat less and smaller portion of a meal and have 5 meals a day to avoid feeling hungry throughout a day.

Try eat on time especially dinner because if you had late dinner and go to sleep by having food  in your stomach, your stomach tends to convert the food into sugar. But if you are sleeping with empty stomach,  your body tends to use your body fats convert into sugar.

To cut fats, you need to eat less sugar, less fats/oily food and eat food which is high in protein such as lean meat or fish and prawn meat. But if you have allergy to seafood, then just choose to eat lean meat or you can go vegetarian of consuming protein from veggies. Do you know that one full cup of orange juice has higher sugar than coffee. So, unless you are planning to use that amount of sugar as energy for body workout on that day or people who thin like me not wanting to lose further weight, you have to avoid or reduce the amount of fruit juice you drink. Hence, you are also not recommended to eat fruits as your meal as you might end up eating more sugar than you normally does without notice.

Here's a link showing calories comparison between coffee and orange juice.

Also, you may want to reduce the white rice intake if you are planning to lose weight. White rice are easy to raise your blood sugar like bread and pasta although they are high carbs which good for body building or sports activities as carbs convert into sugar or energy while we doing workout. About this statement, I always think that "how much you eat is how much you need to burn from your exercise in order to keep in shape" instead of going for complete fasting or skipping meal which is completely wrong idea.

The next thing which I mentioned before previously, is if you are able to do body workout once you wake up in the morning will be the best time for burning on body fat instead of carbohydrates because the carbohydrates are being used up in your 6-7 hours sleep during the night. (Source: here)

To enhance and further improve your weigh loss plan into short time, exercise is required especially cardio workout. You are required to do longer cardio workout around 45 minutes to 1 hour. Cardio workout can be aerobics, jogging, running, swimming, skipping and cycling.  For those who have heavier weight, jump squats, running, jogging and skipping for long hours or doing improperly might caused bad impacts on your joints such as knee or feet. You can either try wear a knee guard, or do cycling or walking fast pace instead of running to reduce the impact. Or, you can do aerobics or a combined cardio of these few different cardio within 45 minutes to 1 minutes. You may have to avoid doing jump squats or skipping for avoiding having problems with your joint. Swimming or working out in the pool is better or safer cardio to avoid joints pain due to the water pressure or water buoyancy.

Doing workout right and correctly can also helps you see the result faster.

Here's a video on a intense 6 minutes workout on losing your love handle and getting abs. Take note, love handle is not V-line abs.

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