Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Black White Grey

Black. White. Grey.
Are these the colours of a colourblind man?
The white is so pure and innocent,
That leaves him in a fragile dream filled with uncertainties and hopes.
The grey is so messed up and confused,
That leaves him in frustrating turmoil trying to hold on till the last breath.
The black is so dark that fears and fierce,
Built up an armour and hide his inner soul,
Is he still himself then?

Its been quite long time I ever try to write something sounded negative and slightly emotional as I think it would look much complete to put together with some words.
Its second time doing heavy makeup look. But its my first time doing black and white theme and tried mixture of feminine and masculine style and makeup. 

Idea by Mei Fern, Title I personally set that title because of the colour choices used are just black and white. Trying to associate the concept to me, I end up giving the colourblind man idea into it as I am mild colourblind man. This was my second time working with Mei Fern, the photographer and first time working with Pearl Tan, the extraordinary makeup artist ;) I love the end result of the photos and grateful for working with talented people like them. All three looks were taken on the same day from morning till late evening, it is a fun experience trying out new things in photography and makeup but also tiring to my eyes as I not yet used to eye makeup and staring long. In the end, it is still a worthy experience to have. Looking forward to work with them in future too.

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