Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Jobless Day 32, Week 4

Credit to Jason L.W.Wei who took these two photos during the photoshoot.
One week ago, I had a photoshoot with Mei Fern for the second time and this time is indoor which is comfy and more able to control the lights without much demand on the outside weather. But she prefer to take with natural light from the windows. This time, she not only trying the natural light; she bought LED torch light to do new experimental photoshoot together with her makeup artist, Pearl Tan who is good at making special effect make up. She is pretty, this is my second time seeing makeup artist with very good skin complexion, I guess that's the secret of studying make up. Its my second attempt to do heavy makeup theme with Mei Fern but I do feel nice to work with her again as she always have different concepts to try out and I also able to gain new experience. Hope I did perform well this time again! =) 

Had a fun chatty gathering with my friends and my partner last weekend and we have tasted some heavenly food at Fusion Haven in Sri Petaling. Was busy doing handcraft, and freelance job and a bit of slacking this week. Not a good sign, must continue work hard!

This is mango salad and have crispy biscuit wrapped around the salad with mango cubes with raisins and mixed nuts. It gives the sweet and little bit of sour feel from mango.

The most impressed heavenly food i tasted was this garlic bread with the sauce. Must taste it while its hot. You will be attracted to its heavy garlic butter smell first and be in heaven once you have the first bite of garlic bread mixed with the Escargot.

And we had a medium size pizza with the chef's self made bread ingredients and it taste crispy and yet soft at the same time because of the cheese.

These three above comes together as a set, Onigiri, pork steak and spinach dish, must taste together with rice because the dishes are salty.

Pumpkin rice, sorry that I took this photo might not look pleasant haha but it came with rice put inside the fully baked soft pumpkin.

cheese spaghetti

Lastly, the addictive volcano chocolate. My friends all were craving for more. =.="

My partner bought me a multi function pillow, not only for neck rest, it can be bend and folded into other shapes for resting your back correctly, for wrist rest while using mouse or sit on it if you have any infections or pain on ur buttocks.

I have treated myself two jean tops and a trunk during the December sale. =) I was longing for those faded and non faded jeans button up clothes but I always feel I can't really afford it. Its above my budget or you can say I am a stingy or savvy person. But in the end, at last, I still buy it with slightly cheaper price. I remember I used to have this faded jeans button up short sleeve clothes when I was 12 years old? I bet I still able to wear that back and look way well fitted or exploded, haha. And I realised, fashion do recycle back the trends as I mentioned I used to have this like 10 years ago.And ya, I admit I have a weird habit of liking different design of underwear than what common guys would normally just buy affordable normal underwear. Does this consider as fetish? I do collect or buy different design of underwear but more importantly have to be comfy and I don't like t-back or almost wearing nothing kind of underwear because sometimes I do think wearing underwear can be sexier than naked, but that's just my point of view..

Again, I almost forgot, I need to write grateful things I have for this week as I need to adapt being gratitude habit as a reminder and forgets the unhappy things. 

I am grateful I am able to fetch my sister to her english exam today. I am grateful I get a freelance job although its quite a sudden one but at least I get to earn something. I am grateful I get to make new acquaintances in the gym and hopefully can be friends. I am grateful to get second time working with Mei Fern for photo shoot. I am grateful to meet new makeup artist. I am grateful to catch up with an old friend and have a great lunch and some laugh. I am grateful I have a average fine dad.

Good night and bless you all, good luck!

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