Monday, December 17, 2012

Jobless Week 6

Loving my back! haha, Wish I can reach my ideal weight which is 67kg -70kg.

Having normal salad as usual but not everyday, sometimes just eat muesli when ran out of stock for salad. This week was very busy and slightly fading on positive energy or hope on my journey to gain weight and maintaining my muscle without losing balance of time/life on doing the other sides of me which is art projects.

My gym instructor asking me to eat more meat for protein and food which contains carbohydrate. I used to have high uric acid few years back. So I cut down my meat intake and have more vege few years back and led me to big concerns when trying to increase the amount of meat intake which I am thinking about the ratio of meat to vegetables and money. 

And yea, I spent some money again on clothes wisely. There's a dark blue near to black coloured slim fit pants from Brands Outlet which I really wanted to buy but its premium pants and its slightly expensive to the savvy person like me. But I did try out on the fitting rooms and I eventually not just liking the dark blue pants, but also the faded pale blue jeans. I initially wanted to just get a black slim fit pants for photo shooting/modelling purpose as I experienced two times photographer looking for black pants as an option for model to wear.

Last week was my 2nd anniversary with my partner, I feel happy and wish to continue this relationship longer with my partner. I appreciate his big heart for allowing me do my modelling interests and also my art projects. I feel I am lucky to have a loving partner who accepts who I am and of course I will accept and love him as who he is, as long as we aren't doing anything bad for each other.
We get to celebrate our anniversary by watching movie and have snack at Komugi Cafe and dinner together. We had cheese cake with raspberry and chocolate sauce. And of course, it tastes cheesy, creamy and crispy at the bottom, and sourly sweet with a blue berry put on top.

And we also had Pumpkin bread, Orange bread, bacon bread and lastly, green tea bread. The pumpkin bread with pumpkin jam which tasted like pineapple jam to me. Green tea bread have green coloured sweet sugar crispy top and green tea flavour within the bread. 

This week is just busy doing housework, making salad, boiling eggs, doing body workout and busy making handcraft, such as the butterflies head shown below and the panda head. The handmaking process really time consuming. =)

Ended up playing with the net while testing and trying to see how it looks.

This coming week will be having a trip to attend friend's wedding dinner and trip to celebrate Christmas and I do not believe the dooms day is coming because my dream has not becomes a reality and have tones of works to do in order to show and prove what I have within me.

I just really hope I able to balance my life on health and my dream career which is art to become own business and also able to become a smart thinker, good, passionate hunk. Haha.

Wish me good luck and bless you all.
I am grateful I have friends who is willing to work certain art projects with me. I am grateful to meet and know some photographers who willing to photograph me. I am grateful to have friends who have the interests to invest on my talent but I do wish to have not only the opportunity to invest my talent but my dream. I do wish I can prove I am worthy to be sponsored or to be appreciated and aspire other people. I am grateful I have lived another day.

Good night.

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