Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hunky Santa

Hello, I hope this is not too over rated photoshoot to any adults. I think I should put this blog restricted and not viewable to people below age 18. Anyway. it is my self portraits, self set up the backdrop and one standee light, also the Christmas lights. I do this initially is for the Andrew Christian underwear Hunky Santa but I didn't notice the closing date was on 14th December and I only did this photoshoot on this Monday which is 17th December, silly me. But I still try my luck to submit two photos to them but they got no respond to it. =( In the end, I still love their products  ;)

Andrew Christian brand most of the time have very sexy and adult content with their models almost wearing nothing or wearing almost naked hot Andrew Christian underwear with their bulge showing. So, I did tried to wear something to help me sustain the bulge. Sorry I know this part sounds so not comfortable to certain people but I am just sharing the progress of how it is done.

And also, the Christmas lights aren't comfortable to put around your body as the lights on for a certain period of time, they turn hot like little things heating you skin. But its something that I wanted to try for quite some time. And of course, because I am a quite slim person, I have to not only put oil or baby oil on my body to enhance my body to look slightly more muscular, I also try to wear jacket to cover my arms to give an illusion like I have not too thin arms, or maybe I just not so confident yet.

But I also do take some photos without my jacket and put the reindeer hat  around my neck for fun. I took about 80-90 photos as total just to get only a few nice photos and its pretty funny situation trying to do self portrait by clicking the controller repeatedly to get the camera senses your controller.

Lastly, I wish everyone have a good or naughty Christmas, depends you want to be on which list from Santa haha. But the most importantly, I wish you all have a safe and yet a merry Christmas. Bless you all.

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