Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Jobless Day 10

Yesterday is just another normal jobless day of me, but "jobless" doesn't mean I am not working on anything but just laying somewhere slacking haha. I am just working something that isn't get paid temporary.

I just woke up with empty stomach and prepared my breakfast which is salad for today. But I just decided to write a post for yesterday just to keep on track.

I just done a minor surgery yesterday on my face which is removing a cyst bump on my face. I just did some research on this clinic online  called Laco Clinic and went to their website and it seems trustworthy and safe to me so I went. But for a jobless guy like me, doing this surgery is painful to my wallet as it cost originally RM1,000 as basic surgery cost. Of course, I did negotiate the price to them by being honest telling them that I just fresh graduated on October and jobless.

But before I decided to do this, I have tried acupuncture treatment to cure the bump on my face and also treat my hives. In the end, it seems not really curing as it sometimes did reduce the bump but will get back to original size as well. And I strongly believe that is the lifestyle that will affects my health cause my hives and acupuncture is a treatment to strengthen my immune system but if I did not try to adapt the healthy lifestyle or habits, I personally think I will be forever doing acupuncture.

Anyway, I finally get to see a sneak peak of the photos Mei Fern photographed on Sunday.

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