Friday, November 16, 2012

Jobless Day 14

Day 14, past 3 days I have been sketching and painting a draft to visual out for the next photoshoot project which I will be working with makeup artist, hairstylist and my sister as model for this project.

Thursday, I went to meet one photographer who have been taking a lot photos of male models and he is self learn and self taught on photography and editing. That day we meet up for exchanging knowledge and I share my Photoshop skills to him as he wanted to learn. He named Joey, a tall guy, taller than me. He treated me fast food for lunch as showing appreciation of meeting up and sharing knowledge. I eventually don't mind helping anyone who came true heartedly to make friends or know me and sincerely willing to work or share knowledge and any relevant, similar dreams or simply a passionate dream chaser. Sometimes I don't mind helping out, sharing knowledge, meeting some great people and make the day meaningful, as long as I hope what I gain from what I give is a good friend.

After one week of the surgery, I can't wait to get the thread which sew the wound to be removed by tomorrow. I have started hitting back to the gym yesterday after 3 days of not allow to do any heavy, sweaty or water sports. I found myself a shorter stamina after 5 days didn't hit the gym since last Friday.

Wish everyone good luck and have a good weekend ahead! Bless you and bless me! =)

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