Sunday, November 4, 2012

Jobless Day 1

The picture I wrote,

"I remember a story was being told during this trip before I came here, a middle aged Asian woman
who lives there said, “If you’ve never been there, done that, you’ll never know how crazy you are,
how stupid we were in our youth. Like when you were young, you were so excited to go to Times
Square to count down for New Year Eve, just to get into the crowd see the “apple” drop down and
that’s all. When you look back, you only realize how crazy you were. You won’t know if you have
not done that.” Well I think that’s called life, you have lived with special memories."

I apologize if I have a lot of grammar errors in my writing.

Refreshing my memories after I quit my job and started to tidy and browse back the photos I have took and never have a chance to look through and edit.
I have cleared my old posts to start a new chapter of life.
I am gay, I love art and I am jobless. I am currently wandering around, self venturing in my own world who thinks I am an artist but not a professional good one.

I am just taking a risk of my career life by quitting my job and focus on the projects that I have been stubbornly wanted to do. I don't know where it takes me although I am scare but I know I am on something important which only gets me in fear which I call it,  "Life"

I am grateful that I have a sister who cares and worry me for being jobless, a good lover and a financially supporting dad. I will do my best not to disappoint them. God give me time.
Although I am not religious.

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