Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Jobless Day 3

The photoshoot was being cancelled, I guess starting up is always the toughest time. The photographer end up having sudden changes in his schedule due to personal problems. I guess today wasn't my lucky day as I was notified when I already halfway driving.  Oh well, life doesn't always get the way you want.

Since the photography session cancelled, I went to nearby groceries store to buy ingredients to cook for tonight's dinner as I don't want to feel my travel trip being a blind wasted one. Rainy day when I just got home, I carried big and small plastic bags of food and my bag packed with clothes walked into house.

I did a little changes on my current blog's background wallpaper.  Didn't got the chance to create a header yet. But I managed to washed and hanged my clothes although they didn't get to dry on such humid cloudy weather today.

I am grateful that I get back home safe today and managed to make and enjoyed a simple dinner at home. I am grateful today wasn't fully wasted as I got to made a meal, went to gym, washed some clothes, bought a sketch book and browsed the book store  and bought some groceries for tomorrow's breakfast. Hope I get to wake up early to prepare tomorrow. =)

Wish me good luck and bless everyone.

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