Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Jobless Day 4

Finally I got the chance to work with Ad, the photographer today as previously cancelled on yesterday photography session. This is only one of the quick edit photo done by him. I am excited to see the photos of me wearing his handmade pauldron which I think is cool.

I think his talent shouldn't be wasted and need to get to know some makeup artists as his working partners or friends so in future can create greater impact. I also do hope we get the chance to work on some artsy projects or handcraft.

Ad is a talented busy costume clothes maker or you can say he is the tailor that create the imaginary, fictional costumes.

Today I am grateful that I get to work with new photographer and get to try costume theme.  I grateful that I have completed my blog's new header although I am not sure does it matches my background still, a lot of things to find out and learn.

I am thankful today I did spent it usefully.

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JüëjùË said...

You do have a well toned body and hope you are going on smoothly in your carrier :)
The header looks just great quite suit :)