Friday, November 23, 2012

Jobless Day 21

Hello, sorry for no new update recently until now. I was a bit slacking but still working on something such as the cartoon i drew as you can see the image displayed above. Cute?

And ya, I have just created my 4th blog eventually. I decided to separate my modelling photos, my photography, my art stuff and my comic into 4 individual blogs but still will link them together =)

I am a little regret to say that I have not done anything productive this week but more on watching episodes of Project Runway and browsing some videos of Alexander McQueen fashion show, sweept and mopped the floors weekly as usual. And doing little browsing or research on other comic bloggers to see how their blog template or layout looks like and get my idea visualized.

This coming weekend will have another photoshoot working with Mei Fern again and I hope will be a great one although I am not so confident with my current face as I got a new pimple wound.  =(

I think that's all for now, do check out my comic blog. I've posted my old short comic episodes that I did long time ago with very blunt quality and standards, hope you don't mind.

peace out =)

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