Thursday, November 8, 2012

Jobless Day 5 & 6

Have been making salads for breakfast last 2 days and today. Eating two eggs, but only ate one egg yolk for the last 2 days and today eating 3 eggs  and one egg yolk, the rest are egg white only. Last two days have been eating oat flakes with dried fruits with milk for tea time between lunch and dinner. Hitting to the gym four days a week. I just hope I am not wasting time and money investing on my body that is not seeing better results yet. I was little worry since I am jobless now and busy thinking and preparing my other blogs to put up my artworks. =)

Yesterday I have followed my dad to service my car and sister's car. It has been a long time I have not help out dad doing things like these other than doing housekeeping works and I felt happy that I can help out after such a  long while. Thus, I ended up spent lesser time yesterday on the design I am working for my another blog's wallpaper. Here's an image of the header.

Today I just done cleaning the house's floors for this week, washed my dad's and my clothes and tied the old newspapers to tidy up. I know these may sounds nothing very extraordinary but at least I  didn't simply wasted my day. And I done my second blog's wallpaper and header  =)

And again, I will ended this blog by writing, " I am grateful for able to spend some time helping dad doing little things, I am grateful I get home safe, I am grateful to at least enough time to get one step of the works I am doing completed. I am grateful to have a sister who helped to take away dinner for me."

Wish everyone who is same like me chasing an imaginary dream all the best of luck and bless you.

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