Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Jobless Day 11

Nothing much on work progress on my art projects today as I accompanied family for family outings. But still managed to have time completed editing a series of old photos which taken months ago.
And still, I have to remember to be grateful every time I write a post as I just practising to have gratitude.

I am grateful that we have spend a day off family outing although didn't manage to get home and keep our washed clothes inside the house before the rain. I am grateful that at least the clothes are hanging under the roof so it didn't get wet but just humid cold and not fully dry. I am grateful to have chance went to big book store and bought my favourite magazines. I am grateful to have a dad to fetch us to book store mainly helped sister to buy her book. I am grateful that I got to visit my uncle who stayed far away from my house.

I wish everyone have a good Dewali/ Deepavali and bless you all. =)

This is one of the photos I edited today, do check out the full series of the photos at here:

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