Monday, November 12, 2012

Jobless day 7,8 &9

Jobless Day 7

On the 7th day, I move myself away from my projects a while and help out my new friend and also a female photographer, Mei Fern. Met her at Model Mayhem website and we somehow get to work together smoothly. This was my second time meeting her and being an assistant /helper for her photoshoot. I treat this as not only an opportunity to build a network or make a new friend who shares the same interests with me, but also an experience to participate in a photography session as a different role. Thus, I am able to not only grasp clear image and knowledge of how the whole photo shoot session process  and also being an helper to any brave dream chaser who started up with nothing as I admire this kind of spirit that is within her because I also chasing a dream.

Today the location took place indoor, an empty house. The concept she planned to do is blue, calm, icy, dry kind of mood with a few different dresses and styling on the model, from black swan to gothic rock star, from edgy to bohemian witchy feel.

Dilara Aydyn, the model and also an international student studying here. Mei Fern doing the makeup on her face.
While waiting her preparation on styling the model, I snapped some photos of the things she had prepared and the things she brought along.

I realized this picture have a juxtaposition between an old fan and a modern laptop. =)

Something I tried with snap with a bubble wrap as filter of the lens and it gave an icy, cold, hazy effects.

Jobless Day 8

Yesterday is continuation on my acupuncture treatment on my hives and also hoping my bump on my face, near by jawline will be treated soon or I maybe thinking of finding beauty skin specialist to surgery to remove if there's not further improvement done by acupuncture treatment. To be honest, I have experienced meeting photographers who prefer just take raw photos without editing much and they will reject/ delay me because of pimples or the bump. But well, I do not blame them as I do think being a professional model also do need to have the responsibility to maintain or perform their best on appearance from inside to outside including behaviour. This is called, discipline and determination. I do think its tough industry if you are like me, the guy next door, who started nothing to begin with.

Anyway, other than acupuncture and doing some ordinary chores, I finally completed revamping my third blog which is my photography blog. I am excited that I have redesign, modified the wallpaper and the header but I didn't spend time on changing the layout as I have a target that I need to get something done and growing before December arrives to my doorstep.

This is the header I made yesterday. Click here to check out my photography blog although no new update yet and still a bit messy.

Jobless Day 9

Yup, I was wearing makeup this morning for a photo shoot with concept that Mei Fern and I have been discussing lately and were so curious wondering how the result will turn out to be. The concept was initially wanted to have me wearing a cardboard made crown and a sword, also with a big red cape like a boy living in his own kingdom dream.

But because of the busy time schedule that we both had for busy doing our own projects and stuff. We didn't really prepare the props well. I wish I can be a fast sewer and a fast handmaker with skill and quality so I can make for the photoshoot. =D  We were also initially planned to have the photoshoot take place at an abandoned building but due to rainy day and also very messy and dirty the environment of the building, we decided to go for plan B.

We ended up having photoshoot at a lake park where there is a aged big staircase look like an open air theatre with some flooded are and formed like a small river or big drain. I have good time in working with Mei Fern and I like the makeup she puts on me except my hair is too short to style. It was my second time doing photoshoot at outdoor. But its the first time I doing a conceptual photoshoot where the concept and idea is from the photographer. She gives art direction of a certain moods and facial expressions that I can try to perform and play which is something that I do not normally get many from the photographers. 

And again, before I end my post; I am grateful that I get the chance to worked with new people. I am grateful that I was given enough time to revamp my blogs before end of this week. I am grateful for coming home safe. 

I wish every dream chaser all the best and bless everyone with love. Good luck and good night.

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